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The Battle Against Boredom in Schools, with Dr Mette Ledertoug and Nanna Paarup


Dr Mette Ledertoug

PhD, postdoc in Positive Education. MA in Educational Psychology and Positive Psychology, she has twenty years of practical experience within the field of education. Mette is focusing on optimal learning, resilience and wellbeing, especially working in research development on an elementary-school level. She has published a series of books and articles, an is co-author to "The Battle Against Boredom. In schools". Mette is currently a WP leader and mental health expert in the Upright project (EU). She was also part of the organising committee and facilitating the preconference PosEd in Budapest in 2018. Throughout her career, Mette has met many students who do not learn or thrive optimally, and this has engaged her in battling boredom and given her faith in the positive prospects of such efforts.

Friday 3 April | 8.30am
The battle against boredom in schools

Every day students are bored in schools. International research from Denmark, Germany and USA shows that as many as 1/3 of students are bored so often and to such an extent, it threatens their learning and well-being. Boredom seems to be part of the everyday life in school accepted by students, teachers and parents: "It is just the way it is".

Today we miss opportunities to create learning students find engaging, meaningful and applicable to other areas of life. It does not have to be this way

In this keynotes we invite you to turn down the volume-control on boredom in schools and turn up engagement and optimal learning!

Saturday 4 April | 8.30am
The battle against boredom in schools (workshop)

21st century education is based on lifelong learning: This stresses the importance of activating, involving and engaging the students. In this workshop, we demonstrate, activate, involve and engage the participants in a session combining important knowledge from the field of well-being and the field of learning in a fusion model aiming to provide teachers and educators with knowledge and tools to create highly engaging education.

Monday 6 April | 1.30pm
The battle against boredom in schools



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